Id-alG The brown seaweed extract to help control weight

ID-alG TM is a brown seaweed extract derived from Ascophyllum nodosum and intended to help limit fat and sugar storage in the body and control weight.

The ability of ID-alG ™ is to encourage your body to burn fat all day long. But perhaps just as crucial is the fact that it only burns fat, and NOT lean body mass or muscles.

How does it do this? ID-alG ™ can improve thyroid function and metabolism. It also makes it difficult for fat cells to grow too large. While promoting fat cell shrinkage, your body is able to burn calories faster and even better for a long period of time. In other words, you burn fat all day long.
How does it work?
  • Improve thyroid function and metabolism

    ID-alG ™ is a rich source of natural iodine. This allows it to play an important role in metabolism. By acting as a regulator in the natural synthesis of thyroid hormones, ID-alG ™ improves metabolism, which in turn leads to thermogenesis, which reduces fat in our body. So the thyroid control makes a long, slow thermogenic fat burning possible.

  • It then becomes difficult for fat cells to become too large.

    Research conducted by Bio-Serae Labs has shown that ID-alG ™ super polyphenols (floroglucinol), have the amazing ability to inhibit two of our major digestive enzymes, amylase and lipase. The benefit of stunning the activity of these digestive enzymes is that it gives the body a healthy way to balance the amount of calories that the body absorbs and uses as carbohydrates and fat .

  • Not only lose weight

    ID-alG ™ accommodates even more nutritional benefits for people who go far beyond the obligation of weight loss. It is very rich in minerals and trace elements. In fact, elements such as selenium, iron and copper can be found in concentrations up to 20 times that of fruit and vegetables. It is no wonder that ID-alG ™ promotes energy and vitality all day long.

    The brown seaweed (algae) that is the source for ID-alG ™ is extremely rich in unique marine-based polyphenols, which are named phlorotannins. Like the similar polyphenols on land, florotannins act as antioxidants, protecting us from the harmful effects of free radicals that are naturally generated as we age, or in the case of externally produced free radicals, such as UV light, or what is called oxidant stress.

  • Last but not least, no side effects

    Contrary to other weight-management products in which the mechanisms tend to be similar to that of ID-alG™ (inhibition of digestive enzyme), ID-alG™ is a safe ingredient and does not induce any side effects.

    In summary, with ID-alG ™ we have:

    - A metabolic enhancer that leads to a long thermogenic fat burning for rapid weight loss results.

    - It limits the intake of carbohydrates and fat calories and at the same time promotes appetite reduction.

    - It’s a rich, concentrated source for minerals and trace elements that promote long-term energy for the body.

    - And florotannins offer us protection against the harmful effects of free radicals.