SystemLS™ Satisfy Bar Cranberry Chocolate (x12 Units)
  • Be Satisfied, Control Your Appetite

  • 100% Organic & Rich in Anti-oxidants

  • High in Fiber & Omegas

  • Contains Vegan Protein

The most amazing natural organic

health bar you will ever taste in your life!


  • Promotes
    Heathy Digestion
  • Supports Brain
  • Heart
  • Contains Slow
    Release Sugars
  • Helps With Immunity
    And Inflammation

The Satisfy Bar maximises your bodies digestive power with a whopping 8 g of fiber!With just one bar, you’ll be munching down nearly one-third of your daily fiber requirements to sweep clean your digestive tract and promote healthy digestive action to keep you regular each and every day. 

Fiber also supports reductions in weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 

Make every mouthful count with our nutrient-packed Satisfy Bar!The omega filled, vitamin, mineral, antioxidant-rich ingredients, provide perfectly balanced calories to contribute brain-boosting nutrients and encourage the supply of EPA and DHA for improved memory, concentration and cognitive function.


The Satisfy Bar contains healthy unsaturated and omega 3 fats to help prevent high cholesterol and contribute heart healthy benefits.The Satisfy Bar is 100% cholesterol and trans fat free!

The Satisfy Bar contains zero added or refined sugars.All our blissful sweetness comes from a unique combo of low-medium GI super fruits that supply natural slow-release sugars to support healthy weight maintenance and longer lasting energy.


Many research studies show that our gut bacteria greatly influence our health and wellbeing on every level. Our Greens contain a powerful probiotic mix to keep the bad guys at bay and encourage the growth of the good guys that help stimulate immune function, enhance digestion, assimilation, and elimination, improve nutrient absorption and metabolism, and provide solid foundations to maximise your health from the inside out.

Only the best ingredients for the best person in the world - YOU!

  • Organic Dark Chocolate 

  • Organic Date

  • Organic Cashew Butter

  • Organic Inulin 

  • Organic Acacia 

  • Glycerin

  • Organic Rice Protein

  • Organic Oats

  • Organic Cashew Pieces

  • Organic Raisins 

  • Organic Cinnamon 


Try SystemLS Satisfy Health Bar™ and Start Feeling Great Today!

  • Packed with fiber and vegan protein

  • Reinforced with omega-3 and omega-6

  • Only 180 calories per bar

  • 100% organic ingredients

  • No cholesterol or trans fats

  • Certified: USDA Organic, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Keep it real on every occasion

  • Handbag handy for that on-the-go affair

  • Desk drawer sneaky for that afternoon energy lift

  • Briefcase ready for that before-meeting brain booster 

  • Gym bag junkie pre or post workout energizer 

  • Pocket fit for a motor-through morning tea

  • Perfect selection healthy kids lunchbox treat

  • Nighttime nibble for that guilt-free sweet

SystemLS™ Satisfy Bar Cranberry Chocolate (x12 Units)



Learn what our happy and healthy customers have to say:

Sharon MaHarry, Realtor

"I use the system whenever I want to trim a few pounds. SystemLS keeps me on my game!"

Craig Shoemaker, Comedian

"As a comedian, it's difficult to eat healthy when I am on the road or in a hotel all the time. SystemLS gives be delicious bars and shakes I can have on the go. Best of all its all organic!"

The go-to natural organic snack for your everyday ultimate indulgence?

Hi, I'm Leisa St Ledger - creator of SystemLS products, wife, mother of three, researcher, health advocate and lover of life!

After having my kids I was personally searching for a healthy snack that could help me sustain my energy and lose some weight.

That’s what inspired me to create the Satisfy Bar - a 100% organic, unrefined, all natural, real deal grab-n-go treat.

The Satisfy Bar not only tastes incredibly delicious, but it's backed by tons of science-based health benefits to ensure you feel your best and live your most amazing life!