Wrapped banana made with Nourish Shake protein.

Quick snack for any time of the day!

What you'll need:

  • Eggs 2

  • Almond milk 1 jet

  • SYSTEM LS shake vanilla 2 heaped tbsp

  • Stevia 1 tsp

  • Spirulina 1 tbsp

  • Stuffed:

  • Banana 1

  • Chocolate to melt without sugar 1/3 cup

  • 1 tbsp coconut oil

  • Low-fat cream cheese 2 heaping Tbsp

  • SYSTEM LS shake vanilla 2 heaped tbsp

  • Stevia to taste

  • Bitter cocoa powder 1 tbsp

SystemLS™ Nourish Shake


  • 1. Blend all the ingredients of the crepes and let the mixture rest for a few minutes.

  • 2. Cook them in a hot pan and let cool.

  • 3. For the cream of the filling, you have to melt the chocolate with a tbsp of coconut oil in the microwave or a double boiler. 

  • 4. Then add the cream cheese, protein, stevia and integrate very well.

  • 5. Spread this on a whole crepe, then put a whole banana on it and wrap.

  • 6. Put in the fridge for 20 minutes, serve and sprinkle with bitter cocoa powder. To enjoy!